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Christine Fugate, the founder of Mothering Heights 

cf%20chaos.JPGChristine Fugate first dreamed of writing a column when she was a young girl and read Erma Bombeck and Ellen Goodman in the local Kentucky paper. She started writing Mothering Heights three years ago after submitting an essay about her plastic storage container habit to The Laguna Beach Independent. Since then she has written about almost every aspect of her life, including her addiction to chocolate, lack of style and obsession with her post-partum fat that lingers six years later. Two years ago, she started the popular website,, to be in touch with other moms who enjoy writing about the parental state of mind. 

For the past fifteen years, she has directed and produced award-wining films for VH1, Discovery Channel, Disney and her company, Café Sisters Productions. After she asked Julie Andrews the same question three times thanks to toddler–induced sleep deprivation, she decided to take a small hiatus from the Hollywood scene. She recently completed “The Peace Pole Project Song,” a music video for the World Peace Prayer Society, a division of the United Nations, and is currently at work on Earthly Ties, a short film exploring poetry, motherhood and creativity.

She hopes to return to her passion for travel, tasting breads from around the world and learning to stand up and surf. Until then, she currently lives either in front of her laptop or in the kitchen where she cooks allergen-free meals for her husband and two daughters.