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Francine Graff, our new rockin' hot columnist

Francine came to Los Angeles in pursuit of fame and fortune.  She studied with directing legend Milton Katselas and Jeffrey Tambor and also at the Groundlings with comedy greats Lisa Kudrow and Kathy Griffin.  Unfortunately none of their fame and fortune rubbed off so she decided to go behind the camera as a writer, producer and director in the reality television world. 

The “ghetto” of Hollywood as Francine likes to call it, reality TV is still a place to break into even if you aren’t one of Demi Moore’s daughters.  Working at E! Entertainment, she conducted many celebrity interviews with stars such as Brooke Shields, Andy Dick, Don Johnson, and Kathy Ireland.  Francine recently worked on Extreme Peril for the Discovery Channel and Man Shops Globe for Sundance Channel.

In between nagging and complaining, folding laundry and hoping to sleep past 5:47am, Francine produces videos for small businesses, non-profits and…well basically anyone who will hire her.   She lives in Culver City with her freakishly patient and caring husband Jon, her daughter Shayna, and her son Jonah.