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I have not posted a movie review in ages but when Avatar came up for review, I said, 'Count me in!' I think my husband and I are the only two people I know who didn't see it in the theater. And after seeing it on DVD, I truly regret it. The movie looked almost animated on my television while I understand in the theater, it looked life-like.

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie at home in the privacy of my laundry folding bedroom. I also screened it to see if it was suitable for my kids. I gave it up the thumbs up and wow, what leverage it has been lately. They are getting ready for bed on time and not dragging their feet. I have been breaking my 'screen free weekday rule' and letting them watch fifteen minutes or so every night. Frankly, I need a break. The school year wears me down. By summer time, I am ready to give up all bedtime and homework rules and let it be a parental free for all!

So, thank you James Cameron. I know you made the movie to entertain and increase environmental awareness, but you have also given me a much needed bribery tool to make my kids listen and get to bed on time. Are you and Suzi completely horrified?

I just hope you are at work on Part Two. I am going to need it to get through the upcoming years of puberty!


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