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Invitation to 'Mother Love'

A Night at the Movies: Cupcakes & Coffee with Cafe Sisters Productions

Thursday, May 6, 7:00PM

The Woman's Club
286 St. Ann's Drive
Laguna Beach, CA 92651 US

You and your loved ones are invited to a screening of the award-winning film "Mother Love." Cafe Sisters Producers, Christine Fugate and Eren McGinnis, are reuniting in honor of Mother's Day to screen their film that explores the complex relationship between four mothers and daughters. The film screened across the country at festivals, winning a Chris Award at the Columbus Film Festival.

A discussion with Eren and Christine will follow the film. As well as delicious treats, coffee and wine. 

A suggested donation of $10 will benefit Human Options, an Orange County organization that helps battered women and their families. The screening of 'grief becomes me' raised enough money to establish a scholarship fund for a single mother to LCAD, so thank you! The scholarship will be presented to LCAD at this event.

There will also some fabulous raffles. Bring in a picture of you and your mom and receive a FREE raffle ticket. Here are some of our prizes:

1. A Mother's Day Gift Bag by FROCs (Friends of Cathryn Supporting Kids with Cancer)

2. Cahooties: The Future is in  your Hands!

3. A MOPS Mommy Gift Basket

Delcious cupcakes & cookies by Lisa Pitz of Dizz's As Is will be served along with coffee, tea, champagne and wine.

I look forward to seeing you, your family and friends at the screening. 


Bath Tub Photos Spoil the Fun

Dear Mothering Heights,

With the [Demaree] family losing their children to Child Protective Services [for two weeks] for printing bath time pictures of their babies at Wal-Mart, is this something we should be concerned about? Should we resist taking pictures of them in the bath?

Ashley H
Black Hills, SD

Dear Ashley,

Nothing like a family vacation to San Diego, a few pics of the kids in the bathtub and then boom--Wal-mart turns you into Arizona Child Protective Services and your children are taken away. Talk about post-vacation blues. Eventually, all charges were dropped and the kids were reunited with their parents, but what a nightmare! The Demaree family is now suing Wal-mart and the State of Arizona for what I am sure will be a sum worthy of a six-month vacation at the Montage.

So, feel free to take all the pictures you want of your kids, just don’t take them to a store for processing. Wal-mart has an ‘unsuitable print policy’ that allows them to police your photos. I am sure most photo processing places have similar policies. Honestly though, do you want other people and possible weirdoes checking out your family photos? If you want to do the cute baby in the bath pictures, invest in a photo printer. In the long run, it’s cheaper and worth the peace of mind.


Spoiled Kids and Icky Parents

[The following questions were submitted on Facebook, on the same day and in succession.]

What do you do when you can't stand your kid's (spoiled and icky) best friend, although you do like his parents?

Eloise P.
Los Alamitos, CA

What does one do when they don't like either the parents or the spoiled kid?

Mom of Four
Laguna Beach, CA

What do you do when you have the spoiled kid and nobody likes the kid or you?

Thelma Adams
Hyde Park, NY

Dear Eloise, Mom of Four, and Thelma,

Wow! Like Rodney King said, “Can we all get along?” But, no we can’t because there are spoiled kids who boss your kid around and obnoxious parents who encourage them to do so. As for Eloise’s dislike of her daughter’s best friend, try to organize play dates at your house so you can put the kibosh on the friend’s bad behavior. According to Lisa Gaché at Beverly Hills Manners, “It is perfectly okay to discipline other children when they are under your watch and under your roof.” If your kids are older, offer to drive them places so you can see exactly what behaviors you don’t like. Then talk to your daughter in detail about what’s acceptable behavior.

Since Eloise likes the parents, perhaps make a light comment to the parents about their daughter’s bad behavior. You could piss off the parents, which may not be such a bad thing, especially if you are Mom of Four who doesn’t like the kid or the parents.

Mom of Four, perhaps it’s best to nip that friendship in the bud and encourage your daughter to make new friends. You could take a cue from Thelma and her dilemma of being the un-likables. Why not invite the spoiled child and parents over for a barbeque? Cook up a tuna casserole, put on your day old clothes and tell bad jokes. Who knows? The family might suddenly become incredibly busy. If that doesn’t work for you, I would reduce contact to school only events.

As for Thelma’s predicament, being the family no one likes can have its advantages. Your social schedule is simple, allowing for more family time. It might be a good idea though to enroll in an etiquette courses or find a new set of friends who are more in synch with you and your family.

Navigating the parental social scene can be extremely stressful. If words aren’t getting the job done, get out the camera and take a few pictures. There’s nothing like a photo to convey a thousand words or so. Just don’t get it developed at Wal-mart and risk losing more than your friends.


Amelia rocks for our girls!

My gfriend and film critic Thelma Adams gives a good analysis of the movie Amelia. I so want to seeit!

Why 'Amelia' Can Make Kids Brave