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Guest Columnist: Tatiana Blackington

Don't miss Tatiana's hilarious essay on the most extravagant birthday party ever! 

Pirate Booty and Caviar



Thelma Adam's on "Whip It"

I love this post by Thelma Adams (my favorite girl crush). Don't you just want to hang out with her every day and go see movies, drink coffee and discuss?

Seeing 'Whip It' From a Mom's Perspective


And I am so envious that she got to meet the director of Motherhood. I can't wait to see that movie on October 23rd!


Goodbye Dark Circles 

Dear Mothering Heights,

Now that my kids are school-aged and have been sleeping through the night for a couple years, I was truly hoping my sleep-deprived, dark-circled eyes would once again look bright and youthful. I've tried creams, more sleep and less wine but they still persist. Is there anything a 40 something mother of two can do to look younger with out surgery or always wearing my hip enormous sunglasses?

Black-eyed mom
Laguna Beach

Dear Black-eyed Mom,
There are only two things to help the aging thin skin around the eye: make-up and good lighting. Years ago, I was on television and had a ‘camera ready foundation’ slathered on my face. That stuff covers everything! (Smashbox makes a good one.) Overhead lighting is your enemy. Go with frontal lighting for the best look. Rumor has it that Mae West’s house was filled with pink spotlights so she always looked fabulous. Why not train the kids to run around with a flashlight on you?  They owe you. No one ever pushed out a baby without a growing a wrinkle or a large pimple of parental insanity.


When to get cell phone?

Dear Mothering Heights,
Although my children, ages 4 and 6, are years away from needing or getting a cell phone, they have started asking! I keep telling them they need to learn to read first. But soon they will be reading and I will need to come up with a better answer. I'm thinking it would be a nice high school graduation present?

Too Soon for Tech
Laguna Beach, CA

Dear Too Soon for Tech,

Thanks to the mom who gave her six-year old an Iphone, I have been dealing with this dilemma for years. When my eight year old started doing an after school activity and had to take a new bus, I caved and loaned her my phone in case she needed to call home. Of course, this led to the acquisition of a family phone for sleepovers and after school activities. I have stressed that this is not their phone and is to be used only for emergencies. Obviously, that talk worked well. Last week, my seven year old was on the school bus texting her friends.

When will my kids have their own phone? When they can help pay for it with either an allowance or job. I am afraid of the whole texting during homework, dinner and bedtime dilemma. If I had had a phone when I was a teenager, my grades would have been horrific.

Why not move the cell phone deadlines up to when they can drive? By then, cell phone technology will surely involve a chip in the head with a three-way speaker for efficient eavesdropping.