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The Sarah Silverman Program Season Two, Volume One

Studio: Comedy Central

Cast: Sarah Silverman, Laura Silverman, Brian Posehn, Steve Agee, Jay Johnston

Amazon $18.99

Reviewed by Cricket

I have to admit it was hard to watch this DVD set without my “Mom hat” on. I made sure my almost 16 year old was gone for the evening. Not that he hasn’t heard everything and then some at school, but I try to maintain some control at home. In an effort to have some balance to my somewhat conservative taste in comedy, I had some 20-something guy friends watch it as well, and we all put in our two cents.

A fair synopsis of the show would be that it is about a single, Jewish girl living on her own with her dog Doug, a pug/Chihuahua mix. Next door are her pot smoking gay neighbors, Brian and Steve. She also has her sister, Laura (played by Sarah Silverman’s real-life sister, Laura) and Laura’s boyfriend, Police Officer Jay.

This DVD set features the episodes from Season Two of the Comedy Central series and finds Sarah involved in everything from dating God to trying to prove Jewish Americans have it worse than black people. In an effort to prove her point about racism, she attends an all black church, in black face, commandeers the choir and is promptly and literally thrown from the church. In what might be considered a particularly irreverent episode, she dates God, only to find him needy and too time consuming. Some people might feel that smacks in the face of blasphemy to those who place a high value on their faith, but it is Sarah Silverman’s bold approach to sketch comedy that makes it hard not to laugh.

The jacket of the DVD set quotes Time Magazine as saying the show is, “As filthy and sweet as an x-rated lollipop.” I think what they are saying is that Sarah is a good actress and a funny girl, but her willingness to tackle subjects and stereotypes, mostly considered taboo, makes you laugh at things you should probably feel bad about. That is what makes her so good. The ensemble cast works well together and they are equally willing to boldly go where no one wants to admit they’ve mentally been. They are just all willing to do it out in the open. Perhaps the critical acclaim is due to the show being an evolved, adult version of I Love Lucy. While it certainly isn’t a show I am going to catch on t.v. now that I’ve watched to DVD set, I think Lucy herself would be proud of this gutsy comedienne doing her thing with such candidness.

Overall, the set was good if you like crude, audacious humor. I didn’t find the bonus features all that great. Sort of boring actually but if you are a true fan perhaps it would be more entertaining. I would definitely NOT recommend it for family viewing, but if you want permission to laugh about things you wouldn’t admit to, this might be for you!

6 out of 10 binkies

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