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Scrubs: The Complete Seventh Season


Zach Braff
Sarah Chalke
Donald Faison
Neil Flynn
Ken Jenkins
John C. McGinley
Judy Reyes

Scrubs is a show you can't help but like. It's characters are silly, almost stupid, and crass sometimes but you want them to succeed, fall in love and find happiness. I think it is because the show is silly, stupid and crass sometimes but you always see a glimpse of heart, kindness and a glimmer of serious that makes you just want to cheer them on.

This DVD set is a great collection of episodes that showcase the great chemistry of the emsemble cast and the fluid way they move together to make this show work. Some highlights in this set include the janitorial staff creating a newletter and making stories up about the doctors, Elliot and Carla campaigning to stop Dr. Kelso from being forced into retirement and the season finale, "My Princess", a take-off of "The Princess Bride". The bonus features are cool too. They include the behind the scenes look at the making of the finale which included lavish make-up and wardrobe.

As always, the bloopers are funny and another neat bonus is the feature that shows alternate lines from certain scenes. It is sort of cool to see the different things they try compared to the final take.

Considering this show was sort of riddled with the plight of the writers strike and interupted and sort of misplaced several times, this is a great way to see the whole season in it's entirety. If you are a fan of this show, you can't really go wrong. It woud probably be a good gift for someone this holiday season.

8 out of 10 binkies.



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