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mime-attachment-2.jpegRating: US Not Rated
Studio: Paramount/Comedy Central
Created by: Donick Cary
Run Time: 132 minutes
Release Date: March 11, 2008
Target Price: $14.99

Reviewed by: Mary Anne O’Connell

Lil’ Bush: Season One is an animated series based on, you guessed it, President Bush.  In this political fantasy world, George Sr. is the President and his aides and advisors are those actually from the current George W. administration.  Lil’ Bush and his White House posse are portrayed as children.  Playmates of Lil’ Bush are Lil’ Condi, Lil’ Cheney, and Lil’ Rummy.  Like their adult versions, particular personality traits of each child are highlighted which are hilarious!  For example, whenever Lil’ Cheney talks he blurts out one key word then grunts and mumbles something intelligible out of the side of his mouth.  Then there is Lil’ Hillary who is always correcting Lil’ Bush, and Lil’ Condi who is not only the brainiac in the group but has a serious crush on George.  I thought it was also amusing that Lil’ Cheney’s dad is portrayed as Darth Vader.

There are six episodes on this DVD with each episode containing two different segments.  Story lines range from Lil’ Al Gore trying to convince Lil’ Bush that global warming is real to the devil kicking Lil’ Cheney out of hell because he’s enjoying it a little too much and wants to “hang out” with Satan.  Because this series was created by Donick Cary, a writer for The Simpsons, I wasn’t really surprised when I saw the parental advisory for explicit content and it’s recommendation for mature audiences only. Language isn’t the problem, it’s Lil’ Bush and Lil’ Rummy running around naked wearing nothing but a tube sock, and Lil’ Cheney eating live mice out of his lunchbox in the school cafeteria.   

There is one part of each episode that is totally unnecessary and, in my opinion, should be eliminated -- the kids dress up and parody a rock band like the Grateful Dead or Kiss.  They then sing an annoying song pertinent to whatever the subject of that episode -- very strange.  Additional characters appearing are Lil’ Barack Obama, Lil’ John Kerry, Lil’ John McCain, and Lil’ Tony Blair.  Along with George Sr., there is the rest of the Bush family: mother Barbara and Lil’ Jeb.  And for some reason, Lil’ Jeb is portrayed as mentally handicapped?

Special Bonus Features include a commentary track, as well as guest commentators like Jerry Springer, Ralph Nader, and Tucker Carlson (former CNN host). There is also a never before seen episode called “Walter Reed” which was good.

Most episodes were okay and entertaining (especially to the fan base Democrats), but I didn’t find myself laughing very much.  Lil’ Bush: Resident of the United States got picked up for a second season so I am hoping that they update some of the characters and get rid of one’s like Lil’ Rummy who are no longer hanging out at the White House.

5 out of 10 binkies

Mary Anne O’Connell lives in southern California with her two kids and one husband.  She enjoys a good Napa Chardonnay and dark chocolate.

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