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home%20grown.jpegUnrated (Mature Audience Only Warning)
Run Time: 180 minutes
Studio:  Comedy Central/Paramount
Created by: Comedy Central: A Comedy Central Experiment
Release Date:  June 10, 2008
List Price: $19.99

Reviewed By:  Mary Anne O’Connell

Apparently, Comedy Central has found an audience for not only drug-fueled humor, but also a group of folks ready, willing, and able to watch it stoned! In fact there is a Consumer Advisory on the back of the DVD that states: “Best Served with Nachos and Funyuns.”  I know it’s a joke, but still…

Comedy Central has created a collection of their mature audience only favorite shows with the majority having a drug-theme. This DVD is divided into three sections: Buds (full episodes), Seeds (strange 1970’s shows), and Stems (sketches).  

If you are a fan of Sarah Silverman you will really enjoy this episode called Face Time.  Sarah goes to a country club to play tennis, but since she is not a member she cannot play.  Sarah is convinced she was rejected because she is Jewish.  Over lunch while complaining to her friends about being a victim of a hate crime, the black waiter overhears and tells Sarah that being black is a lot harder than being Jewish.  Comedy ensues…

Also in this section are episodes of Reno 911 (Burning Man), TV Funhouse (Christmas Episode), Lewis Black Root of All Evil (Beer vs. Weed), and Strangers with Candy (Old Habits, New Beginnings).

Okay, I am convinced that this is the section that is meant to be watched with your “20-something” buddies at 2:00 am completely wasted!  Why else would you put in a comedy DVD and watch: The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross (“happy little trees”), or a 1971 version of the history of weed, or a YouTube video called “Spiders on Drugs”??  Moving on….

Now most of this section is worth watching.  Most of the skits are still not socially acceptable, but at least the drug references are at a minimum. There are clips from various Comedy Central series.  Sketches are from The Chappelle Show, Crank Yankers, Sarah Silverman, Drawn Together (an animated reality show), and Viva Variety.

I have always been a fan of Dave Chappelle and was bummed when he got mad at Hollywood and disappeared. Ironically this episode deals with just that fact (Dave Meets Showbiz).  There are also three segments from Crank Yankers that are pretty funny.  If you’ve never seen it, this show is about real phone calls placed by celebrities (in this instance, Tracy Morgan and Jimmy Kimmel) and acted out with puppets.

So-o-o, would I buy this DVD?  No.  The mix of shows if very strange and if you are a true fan of a certain comedian or show, just go buy the individual DVD. This “experimental DVD” as advertised by Comedy Central is, in my opinion, an experiment gone wrong.  

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