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LA Parent Magazine

Check out the fabu review in LA Parent Online:

Editor Christine Fugate of Laguna Beach captures “what we wish we knew before becoming a mother” in this collection of themed essays and poems hand-picked from an essay contest she held in her popular Mothering Heights column and blog. Touching on everything from the inexperience of first-time moms to postpartum depression, the mommy drive-by and finding an adoptive child’s birth mother, the book will have you thinking “I could have, and should have, written that because that’s exactly how I feel!”


WKYT-The Noon Show-August 22, 2008

I did an interview on for the Daily Show on WKYT. Very fun to be on television in my hometown (although I never got to see it.)


Aug182008 13, 2008

Lisa Romeo, a wonderful writer and blogger, has posted an interview she did with me on her website

I was a bit sparse with the words, but it still gives the jist of how my little bitty pea brain works.


5 Minutes for Mom-August 11, 2008

This review by Jennifer Donovan at 5 Minutes for Books (a new section of 5 Minutes for Mom) was such a thrill for me. I have loved this site since I became an online obsessed mommy blogger.

The book was actually on the cover page for a whole week!

Jul302008 30, 2008

Another thumbs up (Thank you Universe and CPA Mom!) for The Manual.

"In these stories you will find your own feelings validated, your fears lessened, and your hopes confirmed. Sometimes, as a parent, what you really need is not just advice or kind words, but someone who understands. Each author who contributed to this book truly understands, which is what makes it such an important and comforting read for parents everywhere." Read more is also running a contest to give-away five copies of the book. Click here to enter a chance to win.